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One of the most common refrains you’ll hear is that it takes time to build up a freelancing career.

You need to invest in yourself, whether it be classes, software, or branding. You need to make connections, you need to start with lower paying work to build up a portfolio and get your name out there like right now. 

Just because it takes time to build up a freelance business doesn’t mean you can’t get going this instant and dive right in. I have compiled this list of freelance job sites so you can get started on it right away.

The Best Websites for Work At Home Freelance Writing


Flexjobs is one of the best-curated freelance websites. It offers easy thousands of telecommuting and remote job offers in 50 different categories.
All gigs are hand-screened thoroughly so you don’t have to worry about stumbling upon a scam at Flexjobs.
You will need to pay a minimum fee of just under $15 for access to the ads, and the site has more than 3.5 million users from around the world.


As a freelancer, time is money. Which means if you spend hours every week hunting down new freelance jobs instead of doing billable client work, you’re missing out on revenue.

That’s why I personally recommend SolidGigs to freelancers of all kinds who need to find freelance jobs fast. The team at SolidGigs (including my good friend Preston Lee) combs through dozens of freelance job boards and sends you the very best 2% of freelance gigs from around the web every single week—removing the time-consuming work of filtering through dozens of freelance job boards and vetting the opportunities yourself.

On top of just the curated gigs list each week, they’ve also got an enormous resource library with courses, interviews, templates, scripts and other tools all with the focus on helping you land more freelance jobs, negotiate your rates, pitch high profile clients and grow your freelance business.

Seriously, this lethal combination of weekly curated gigs and training resources (from top freelancers around the world) is a ridiculous steal for the very low monthly cost.


Best Freelance Job Websites Craigslist

No, Craigslist is not just a place where you can sell that old bed or sofa of yours. The fact is, you can find all kinds of freelance gigs and jobs in the job posting section of the marketplace.

Most of the people who post job offers on Craigslist are looking for somebody to do the job as quickly as possible.
You can also search for job offers on Craigslist for other cities, to find remote work too.


If you have a great portfolio and feel like you have the experience to start at a higher level, CloudPeeps may be for you. They’re a bit more exclusive, which makes it harder to join but easier to get jobs if you do get accepted.

They focus on marketing, social media, and general copywriting. Worth it to check out!


This site has a huge variety of projects, some formatted as hourly and some as contests – the only downside is that they only give 8 free applications before you have to pay the membership fee.

The project fee is also a little different – pay between $3-5 or 3-5%, whichever is greater (one of the cheaper commission rates).


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