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Rakuten is a leading online store, stocking everything from high-end electronics to pet supplies. If you need it, you can more than likely get it at Rakuten. And they want to pay you for helping to sell anything sold on their store.


Rakuten Affiliate Network, earlier known as Rakuten Linkshare is one of the oldest affiliate networks in the business. It has been around since 1997 and has created a functional and win-win type of platform where affiliates and merchants can co-operate together. Rakuten has over 1000 merchants and thousands of products in several categories. In this review my accent is on viewpoints for affiliates.

Rakuten has created an easy-to-use affiliate network. User-friendly dashboard, adequate support and marketing tools and world-class technology to track your performance and activities in the program has formed a well-functioning entity. Thanks to this it has been voted as the #1 affiliate marketing network consistently for 6 years now. For bloggers and affiliates Rakuten could be a great place to learn how to sell products online.


The Rakuten affiliate network is suitable for marketers with some experience, not just for beginners. For bloggers who have had a website for some time, as well as high quality content and moderate numbers of visitors on their website, Rakuten is a great program to try. For more advanced marketers Rakuten is a great choice among the others out there. It is much easier for them to get accepted in offers and affiliate programs.

As a whole, Rakuten is a good network for Merchants and Affiliates to co-operate. Rakuten requires merchants to be trustworthy in their operations and due to that the product range is versatile and the products are quite high quality and reliable and any scam products haven’t occurred.


Rakuten Affiliate Network has in addition to the common dashboard for affiliates and merchants some tools to help affiliates with their business. Reporting and tracking tool is very sophisticated and important equipment for affiliates to monitor their operations online. Single affiliate tools like Deep Linking and Rotating Banners are great helpers for affiliates to emphasize their affiliate work.

Rakuten’s training doesn’t work in regular basis but you can find at Publisher’s Help Center video tutorials, a Discussion Area and some Getting Started information. The training isn’t very extensive but better than affiliate networks on average.

Rakuten Afiliate Network isn’t so called independent affiliate program but an affiliate network. Independent affiliate programs include a lot more tools for affiliates such as website builder, site hosting&security;, keyword tool, domain name management and online business training.

Rakuten has easy-to-use dashboard where you find all essential information in one place and the navigation is easy and logic when you wish to know more.


Rakuten dashboard


Rakuten Support has a Support Ticket Submission system for asking questions and help. It works quite well. Delays in operation are at a moderate level. However, no single account representative is assigned to new affiliates, and there’s not an email address available for contacts. Rakuten hasn’t any particular Community Forum or live chat for interacting or supporting members.



  • One of the most popular affiliate marketing platforms
  • Free to sign-up
  • Ad Rotation features allow to significantly optimize the ads
  • The deep Linking feature allows choosing a specific landing page giving more flexibility to promote affiliate offers
  • Provides helpful affiliate marketing tools to improve your skills
  • The dashboard is user-friendly making it easy to navigate
  • It offers world-wide pay-out, and you can choose from 25 available currencies


  • It has a smaller affiliate network with around 1000 partners as compared to other bigger affiliate networks
  • Only experienced and top affiliate can join the network
  • Payments to affiliates are rather unpredictable and paid out only when commissions are collected from partners


Rakuten is a working network for joint business between affiliates and merchants. It is technically well-built and offers a cluster of products and services for affiliates to promote and earn commissions. However, bloggers or affiliates needs at least average technical and online business skills and evidence of some success online to succeed with businesses.

When you’re looking for the best affiliate programs, Rakuten Affiliate Network is worth to consider. At least when the affiliate marketing framework is in place; website, and all the needed supportive functions plus quality content enough to get traffic on your site. Still, it is a good idea to take Rakuten as a complementary option and to invest more in the business as it develops.

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