Jaaxy a Keyword Tool

Jaaxy a keyword tool (with a free tier), built with the newbies and affiliate marketers in mind.

It’s great for newbies because it removes the crap other keyword tools shower them with, and delivers only the useful and actionable data.

With Jaaxy, you know from the start exactly what keywords to target, and whether you can or can’t rank them.

It’s also built for affiliate marketers, because Jaaxy’s specialty is finding great, totally untapped niches where you can quickly start making money.

Jaaxy is not just a keyword tool but a whole suite of tools needed for successful online marketing.

And it comes in a bundle with your Wealthy Affiliate premium membership. So it’s basically free, which is great!

Try Jaaxy now- it’s FREE!

Jaaxy Review of The Features?

Features included with the Jaaxy keyword tool​.

jaaxy features
  • Keywords

    • Average Monthly Searches – The first column in Jaaxy is the average monthly searches column. This shows you the average monthly searches in Google, Bing and Yahoo, the three biggest search engines.
    • Estimated Traffic – This column gives you the estimated traffic that you can expect if you are ranking on the first page of Google. This really is a guess at best, because there is no way to determine what your click through rate will be without actually seeing your meta description. We’ll just call this a guesstimate.
    • QSR – stands for Quoted Search Results and is the number of pages in the google search results that are competing for the same keyword. It is Jaaxy’s competitiveness score and you are looking for a score under 300, preferably much under 300. The lower the better.
    • KQI – The next column is the Keyword Quality Indicator and is a color coded competitiveness score, with red being very competitive, yellow somewhat competitive and green being low competition.
    • SEO – The next column gives you an Search Engine Optimization score meant to give you an idea of the ease of ranking based on the SEO of the competitors for this keyword. it is on a scale of 1-100 and you are looking for scores over 80, with higher being better.
    • Domains – This column is not available in the free version. It tells you whether or not the exact match domain is available for the keyword. You can simply search the keyword at namecheap.com to see if it is available. You don’t really need this feature.
    • Related – This column shows you keywords related to your target keyword. This can be valuable information and you can search the related keyword to find even more ideas.
  • Site Rank – is a cool feature of Jaaxy that allows you to add a domain and a keyword and Jaaxy will tell you exactly where you rank in Google for that keyword. It is awesome when you find yourself moving up the Google ladder! I also use it to analyze my competition.
  • Alphabet Soup – This a tactic that we use with Google search that has been added to Jaaxy and while it is a good technique for discovering keywords, you don’t need Jaaxy to use it.
  • Saved Lists – This is valuable for saving and organizing your keywords. It allows you to plan your keyword strategy and internal linking strategy for your website. You can also export your lists to an excel document for further organization if you choose to do so.
  • Search History – This feature saves your search history even if you don’t save the keywords. This way you have a record of all of the searches that you have conducted.
  • Search Analysis – This is one of the more valuable features of Jaaxy. It allows you to spy on your competition by finding the top 10 rankings in google for a certain keyword and seeing detailed information about each page such as:
    • Title
    • URL
    • Meta Description
    • Meta Keywords
    • Word Count
    • Links on Site
    • Alexa Rank
    • Keyword Density
    • Backlinks
    • Adsense

Having all of this information is great!

Who Owns and Developed the Jaaxy Keyword Tool?

Jaa​xy was developed and is owned by Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim. Yes, these are the same guys that co-founded the infamous Wealthy Affiliate program.

These guys are extremely successful internet marketing visionaries from British Columbia, Canada. They have built an awesome online business using Jaaxy as their keyword tool of choice.​

These guys are known for their hands on management and dedicated support​ to their clients in all aspects of their business.

Try it for Yourself and See How It Works!

Every​ internet entrepreneur needs access to a quality keyword tool if they want to have any shot at dominating the competition in their chosen niche.

The difference between Jaaxy and every other keyword tool out there is that the guys behind Jaaxy believe so deeply in their product that they offer you the ability to use it for free.

No credit card required, if you don’t like it, go check out another keyword tool. Those are my kind of people!

Try it for yourself! Just click on the image below and enter a keyword or keyword phrase in the box provided.

Jaaxy isn’t perfect, but it is a great choice, especially for beginners, as the data is presented in a very easy to understand format. Also, Jaaxy can be accessed for FREE for 30 searches.

My recommendation is to get your own free Jaaxy account and see what you think. I believe that once you try it and create content around the keywords that you find, you will love the Jaaxy keyword tool.

If you found this review helpful PLEASE leave me a comment below and I will reply asap, thank you.

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